Rootrainers Deep 12cm 2 Kits - Plant Propagation
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Rootrainers - Deep (12cm) - 2 Kits

Rootrainers - Deep (12cm) - 2 Kits
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Deep Rootrainers have 12cm deep cells and are perfect for all deep-rooted plants such as sweet peas and runner beans.
Their unique cells are designed to encourage healthier plants, with masses of straight vigorous roots, and no root balls.
Professional growers have been using Rootrainers for over 15 years.
Deep Rootrainers are reusable year after year and are the only modular cell planting system which allows plants to be spaced without re-potting.
They have a hinged opening system allowing gardeners to inspect roots systems and remove plants easily when planting out without any root damage.
Deep Rootrainers save time, shelf space and compost, allowing plants to develop quickly giving them the best possible start.
Each Rootrainer kit comprises 32 reusable cells, a frame to hold the cells and a propagator lid.
Despatched in packs of two (64 cells in total).
Ideal for deep-rooted plants such as herbaceous plants, runner beans, vegetables, fruit & especially strawberries.

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