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Digital Max/Min Window Thermometer

Digital Max/Min Window Thermometer (92)

Dual display thermometer for use in greenhouses, conservatories and outdoor sheltered areas. Displays daily maximum, minimum and current temperature. Suction pad perfect for attaching to the exterior of your window so display can be read from the inside. Requires 1 x LR44 button cell battery (included).
Manufacturer Code : 16031
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Rain Gauge

Gardman Rain Gauge (3109)

Tell at a glance how much rain has fallen. Metric & imperial calibration. Can be ground or post mounted.
Manufacturer Code : 16080
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Mini moisture Meter

Mini moisture Meter (2461)

This moisture meter tests plants for moisture at their roots - where it matters. You no longer risk over-watering a healthy plant just because the compost near the surface is dry - or under-watering because it appears moist. Ideal for Indoor plants- Window Boxes- tubs- hanging baskets and growing bags.
Manufacturer Code : 3A021510
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Mini pH Meter

Mini pH Meter (2447)

The easy way to test pH levels in soil. Includes plant care listing. Quick and easy to use. Measuring Soil acidity and alkalinity for optimum planting and crop care.
Manufacturer Code : 3A021511
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pH Meter with probe

pH Meter with probe (2446)

Measuring Soil acidity and alkalinity for optimum planting and crop care. Comes complete with easy to understand instructions. Includes a plant care listing for over 400 pH levels. Simply place probe in soil and read. Reads pH 3.5 to pH 9.
Manufacturer Code : 3A021506
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Window Thermometer

Window Thermometer - Dial (399)

Accurate and durable quality thermometer for use around the home and greenhouse. Reads from -20oC to +50oC.
Manufacturer Code : 16020
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