Crocosmia - Flower Bulbs - Summer Flowering
Crocosmia Emily Mckenzie - Pack of 10

Crocosmia Emily Mckenzie - Pack of 25 (1307)

A bulbous plant with arching racemens and a double row of orange flame-coloured flowers. Large, vivid orange flowers with a red throat. 7/8cm bulbs supplied.
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Crocosmia Lucifer - Pack of 10

Crocosmia Lucifer - Pack of 25 (1308)

A very showy bulbous plant with arching racemes and a double row of beautiful flame coloured flowers. Flowers July-August. Height 90cm. Fiery Red. 8/10cm bulbs supplied.
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Crocosmia Masoniorum Montbretia - Pack o

Crocosmia Masoniorum Montbretia - Pack of 25 (1516)

A different flower form to other crocosmia with starry tubular blooms accented by a sprinkling of long, slim stamen. The color shading is a delicate blend of orange-red and tangerine.
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