Gladioli - Flower Bulbs - Summer Flowering
Another traditional summer bloom, once again back under the spotlight. Gladioli offer such good value, why not grow some just to cut and have in the home. Flowering from July to September.
Gladioli Butterfly Mixture - Pack of 2

Gladioli Butterfly Mixture - Pack of 25 (1547)

'Butterfly' gladioli are a great alternative for smaller garden spaces where large gladioli are impractical. Small flowering, beautiful florets. Ideal for large containers on the patio or balcony.
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Gladioli Large Flowered Mixture - Pack%2

Gladioli Large Flowered Mixture - Pack of 25 (1546)

Tall and brightly coloured, Gladioli Mixed will provide colour and form to any garden. Gladioli make great cut flowers.
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