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Biorb / Biube First Aid Cartridge

Biorb / Biube First Aid Kit (7004)

The first aid cartridge treats most common aquarium fish diseases arising from bacterial, fungal or external parasitic infections. Always treat as soon as symptoms appear such as obvious fish stress, wounds and ulcers, white spot or gill and skin parasitic attacks.
Manufacturer Code : G4012FA
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Biorb Air Stone x 1

Biorb Air Stone x 1 (2406)

The air stone at the base of the aquarium breaks up the flow of air into the aquarium into a mass of bubbles.
Manufacturer Code : S0001S
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Biorb Cleaner Pump

Biorb Cleaner Pump, Hand Syphon (2405)

How do you get water out of the aquarium? - with our clever cleaner pump. This powerful cleaner pump is simple for everyone to use, you do not need super human strength or four arms to get it working!
Manufacturer Code : S0040S
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Biorb One Way Valve

Biorb One Way Valve inc Airline (2407)

One Way Valve & Airline. At least every 6 months a check should be made by disconnecting the air pump and lowering the air line below the water line.
Manufacturer Code : S0003S
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Salt Water Master Test Kit

Salt Water Master Test Kit (7006)

A complete kit for testing marine,reef and salt water aquariums. Fast,Easy and Accurate. The Saltwater Master liquid Test Kit provides information on how to perform each test,what the rsults mean, and how to correct any unsafe water conditions that may
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