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Camassia esculenta - Pack of 100

Camassia esculenta - Pack of 100 (148)

100 bulbs. With racemes of starry flowers and narrow basal leaves, Camassia can look just as beautiful among the perennials in your flowerbeds as they do naturalised in woodland or long grass. They are not yet that well known, so can be a delight to show off. The bulbs are hardy and all types are June flowering. Plant in well drained soil. Large bulbs plant 15cm deep 20cm apart 25 per sq metre. Small bulbs plant 10cm deep 12cm apart 75 per sq metre.

Colchicum The Giant

Colchicum "The Giant" (125)

Although they are known as Autumn Crocus, Colchicums are not from the crocus family, but are in fact relations of the lily. Their leafless flowers, hence the name Naked Ladies, emerge in early autumn and are indeed shaped like a large crocus. The foliage will not appear until spring, which makes a handy reminder that they are still there. Can look good naturalised among grass. Plant 20cm deep 20cm apart 25 per sq metre.
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Grape Hyacinth - Muscari Armeniacum

Grape Hyacinth - Muscari Armeniacum (2696)

Most grape hyacinths are so reliable and undemanding that they are taken for granted. They need no special care and, once planted, will flower and spread freely, so that division may be necessary every few years. M. armeniacum (early giant) is a vigorous species with attractive bright cobalt blue flower spikes in spring.
Height: 20cm
Spread: 5cm
Exposure: Full sun
Hardiness: Hardy
Soil type: Sandy, Well-drained/light
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galanthus nivalis

Snowdrop Bulb Collection (2365)

A Stunning Collection of our favourite Snowdrops, Galanthus nivalis (single), florepleno (double), Elwesii & Ikariae. Choose from 25, 50 or 100 of each.
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Aconites & Snowdrops Collection - 100%

Snowdrops & Aconites Collection - 100 of Each (2551)

The Bright White Snowdrop flowers work wonderfully with the Vibrant Yellow blooms of these aconites to brighten up any garden in the winter months. You will receive 100 Single Snowdrop Bulbs & 100 Aconite Hyemalis Corms.