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Flower Bulbs for Naturalising

Create Natural Drifts of Colour in Grass or under Trees & Shrubs. All of our wild flower bulbs / plants are of native origin and grown from cultivated stock.


Flower Bulbs for Containers & Borders

Add a Touch of Class and Colour to your Garden in Spring.


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All of the bulbs listed are delivered in good time for the Spring Bulb planting season which runs from mid September to mid December.

Hand Held Bulb Planter - RHS Endorsed

Hand Held Bulb Planter - RHS Endorsed (19001)

Quality Garden Tools by Burgon and Ball. Deeply serrated edge penetrates packed ground - cleanly removing a 6cm diameter core. Depth marking to 4" for precise planting. Width 6cm, overall length 28cm.
Manufacturer Code : GTB/SBPRHS
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