Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) - Flower Bulbs - Autumn Planting
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Wonderful as indoor pot plants. Pot these large bulbs with the top half remaining above the soil level in a good quality but free draining bulb fibre. Soak the roots for approximately an hour before planting. Place in a warm, dark spot until the flower bud appears then move out into well lit position. Will flower 6-8 weeks from potting. Supplied from September. All bulbs are supplied of flowering size.
Amaryllis Ambiance

Amaryllis Ambiance (108)

Description:Large white flowers with red stripes Height (cm):45cm Blooms:Dec-April

Amaryllis Apple Blossom

Amaryllis Apple Blossom (100)

Description:White, blushed pale pink Height (cm):45cm Blooms:Dec-April

Amaryllis Benfica

Amaryllis Benfica (105)

Description:Deep velvet maroon Height (cm):45cm Blooms:Dec-April

Amaryllis Collection - 4 Large Bulbs

Amaryllis Collection I - 4 Large Bulbs (112)

You will receive one of each of the following Amaryllis bulbs:- Red Lion, Benfica, Ambiance & Ludwig Dazzler.

Amaryllis Collection II - 4 Large Bulb

Amaryllis Collection II - 4 Large Bulbs (113)

You will receive one of each of the following Amaryllis bulbs:- Apple Blossom, Lady Jane, Lemon & Lime and Rilona.

Amaryllis Double Record

Amaryllis Double Record (106)

Description:Double flowering. White, red at edges Height (cm):45cm Blooms:Dec-April

Amaryllis Lady Jane

Amaryllis Lady Jane (107)

Description:Double flowering. Red, white central stripe Height (cm):45cm Blooms:Dec-April

Amaryllis Lemon and Lime

Amaryllis Lemon and Lime (109)

Description:Lime green Height (cm):45cm Blooms:Dec-April

Amaryllis Ludwig Dazzler

Amaryllis Ludwig Dazzler (111)

Description:Large flowering. Pure White Height (cm):45cm Blooms:Dec-April

Amaryllis Red Lion

Amaryllis Red Lion (102)

Description:Classic large flowering. Deep crimson Height (cm):45cm Blooms:Dec-April

Amaryllis Rilona

Amaryllis Rilona (103)

Description:Large flowering. Salmon pink Height (cm):45cm Blooms:Dec-April