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Empathy Multipurpose Seaweed Stimulant

Empathy Multipurpose Seaweed Stimulant (11009)

Empathy ALL PURPOSE - 1 Litre Bottle An ideal all rounder, enriched with seaweed extracts. This product will stimulate all your plants to create a strong root system and healthier top growth. Empathy products are a range of treatments specifically focussed on creating healthy plants and soils through the addition and enhancement of the native microbial, bacterial, micro nutrients and bio stimulants. Seaweed is a plant stimulant and by using the Empathy seaweed range you can invigorate and stimulate not only your plants but the beneficial bacteria and microbes in the soil. The products contains very high levels of auxins and cytokins that are naturally plant growth promoters. Super Seaweed is derived from sustainably harvested kelp, which is further enhanced by using a unique cell burst process. This patented process ensures maximum retention of the growth stimulants, nutrients, vitamins and amino acids.
Manufacturer Code : SWAP1L
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