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Flower Drops - Pack of 2

Flower Drops - Pack of 2 (1763)

The Hanging 'Basket' Bag. Creates a beautiful hanging container.
Tough and Durable.
Side slots for planting through.
Holds 9 litres of compost.
Simple - just hang and grow.
Full planting instructions.
50cm (20") deep.
Manufacturer Code : 02057
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Hanging Flower Planter - 2 pack

Hanging Flower Planter - 2 pack (09106)

Perfect for creating a floral display where space is limited. Made from tough polypropylene and UV treated for long life. Reuseable. Size 190mm diameter x 350mm deep (23" x 14") 12 slits for a wide variety of planting options. Watering tube for easy watering.
Manufacturer Code : 09106
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