Bare Root Perennials
Bare Root Perennials are herbaceous perennials (plants with a non-woody stem that achieve their full height producing flowers within one year, dying back late autumn & over winter, becoming dormant and then growing again the following spring. Perennials grow year after year). 

We send these plants out whilst in the dormant stage as bare roots (little soil / no pots) from October through to May depending on the variety. This is the ideal time to plant bare root perennials for the coming year. Perennials planted as bare roots, whilst dormant, establish well as the roots are in direct contact with the soil and develop well in the spring. Bare root perennials are a very economical way to purchase flowering and non-flowering plants.
Agapanthus Umbellatum (Blue Peter Pan)

Agapanthus Umbellatum (Blue Peter Pan) (BR102)

Agapanthus are sun-lovers, with globes of blue or white flowers, and grow really well in pots.
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Astilbe Red

Astilbe Red (BR103)

Easy to grow, these astilbes bear feathery plumes of red flowers in summer. They love damp soil and shade.
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Eryngium alpinum ''Blue Star''

Eryngium alpinum 'Blue Star' (BR104)

Eryngiums, or sea hollies, have spiky, steely blue-grey flowerheads that last well into autumn. They look good in herbaceous borders or gravel gardens and make excellent cut or dried flowers.
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Hardy Geraniums Mixed

Hardy Geraniums Mixed (BR101)

Hardy geraniums, or cranesbills, are invaluable in the garden. They thrive in sun or shade, and flower for several months from early summer onwards.
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Helenium Mixed

Helenium Mixed (BR107)

Cheery, daisy-like heleniums, in ‘hot’ colours, flower profusely in summer. They combine well with other late flowering perennials such as echinaceas, as well as ornamental grasses.
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Heuchera Mixed

Heuchera Mixed (BR109)

Heucheras are valued for their large, coloured leaves in a range of colours from dark purple to buttery yellow, and their frothy flowers in summer. They do well in shade and most prefer a moist soil.
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Iris germanica ''Emma Louise''

Iris germanica 'Emma Louise' (BR108)

Bearded iris thrive in a hot, sunny spot, where they will produce spectacular flowers from mid-spring. They are ideal for borders or gravel gardens.
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Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley - Pack of 5 (BR111)

Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis) is a small, heavily scented plant perfect for shady spots and woodland gardens. Its low, spreading habit also makes it ideal for growing as a ground cover plant. Convallaria thrives in a moist, shaded spot, and gradually spreads to form dense clumps of lush, green foliage.
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Peony Bowl of Beauty

Peony Bowl of Beauty (BR105)

For sheer splendour, peonies are hard to beat. Many experts say that they are best planted bare-root. They perform best in rich, fertile soil.
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Verbascum phoeniceum Mixed

Verbascum phoeniceum Mixed (BR106)

Verbascums, or mullein, send up bold spikes of flowers in summer. They come in a range of colours. They thrive in full sun and are impressively drought-tolerant once established.
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Anemone Nemerosa Green Root Cuttings 10%

Wood Anemone Nemerosa - Pack of 10 (BR110)

This native British wildflower, the star of many woodlands in spring, is just as charming when growing in gardens. There are many fine cultivated forms, and all look breathtaking if planted in drifts under shrubs and trees or naturalised in part of a lawn - they flower early before spring is really under way, and the graceful starry blooms seem to dance in the breeze on their slender stalks.
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