Snowdrops in the green - Bulbs In the Green
Double Snowdrops in the green - Galant

Double Snowdrops in the green - Galanthus Flore Pleno (2597)

Snowdrops prefer a moisture-retentive, humus-rich, woodland type soil. The site should be well-drained, cool and shady, but it shouldn’t dry out in summer. Most soils benefit from the incorporation before planting of a good quantity of well decomposed leaf mould or leaf-litter.
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Galanthus Elwesii Snowdrops in the green

Galanthus Elwesii Snowdrops in the green (2592)

If you are looking for a snowdrop that has that extra impact, then Galanthus elwesii is worth looking out for. It is a giant-flowered snowdrop with honey-scented blooms, which have two delicate green marks on the petals.
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Snowdrop Collection x 3 Varieties

Snowdrop Collection in the green x 3 Varieties (2562)

A Stunning Collection of our favourite Snowdrops, Galanthus nivalis (single), florepleno (double) & Elwesii. Choose from 10, 25, 50 or 100 of each. Supplied in the green.
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Snowdrops in the green - Single Galant

Snowdrops in the green - Single Galanthus Nivalis (2593)

For many gardeners snowdrops herald the end of winter. They are extraordinarily hardy and can be depended on to flower very early whatever the weather - the colder and gloomier it is, the longer the blooms last, but in a sunny warm season they are comparatively fleeting, so always plant in light shade.
Common Single Snowdrop.
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