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Biorb Air Stone x 1

Air Stone x 5 (2406)

Air stones break up the flow of air into the aquarium into a mass of bubbles.
Manufacturer Code : S0001S
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Battery Operated Pump

Battery Operated Pump (8701)

Transfer liquid in minutes with this Mini Cordless Pump. Pumps up to 350 litres/hr. Can be used for beer, wine, petrol, oil or any non-corrosive fluid. Ideal for emptying ponds, aquariums, camping, floods. This handy easy to use Cordless Pump has 101 uses around the house or garden. Transfers virtually any liquid in minutes. Ideal for emptying aquariums, washing machines, minor floods or spills. Pumps up to 360 litres/hr - one button operation. Runs on 2 x D batteries (not supplied).
Manufacturer Code : 12321
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Biorb Cleaner Pump

Cleaner Pump, Hand Syphon (2405)

How do you get water out of the aquarium? - with our clever cleaner pump. This powerful cleaner pump is simple for everyone to use, you do not need super human strength or four arms to get it working!
Manufacturer Code : S0040S
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Pond Protectors

Pond Protectors, Pack of 30 (8708)

Protect your Pond and Fish with New PondGuard. Floating net rings protect your pond and fish from predators such as herons and cats. Less obtrusive than traditional pond surface netting. Net rings interlock in seconds to fit any shape or size pond. Pack of 30 covers approximately 2.4m squared (26 sq. ft.). Black.
Manufacturer Code : 6138
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Prikka Strips - Fence Spikes Cat Deterrent

Prikka Strips - Fence Spikes Cat Deterrent (2669)

This effective, low-cost deterrent against unwelcome intruders fits to tops of fences, gates, pipes, walls, sills etc. Designed to deliver maximum discomfort, but minimum harm this unique double-hinge design allows easy fixing to angled surfaces.
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