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Aluminium Tubing

Aluminium Tubing, ideal for fruit cages (3181)

Build your own Fruit Cage / Plant Support Structure Fruit Cage - Aluminium Tubing designed to be used in conjunction with our Build-A-Balls or Tenax Cane Joiners and used with any type of netting - a very simple, cost effective solution for your crop protection. Plant Support - can create cloches, wigwams, tent, triangular, frost protection, frames for peas, beans, sweet peas etc etc Aluminium finish - image for info only. Minimum Order of 6 poles (of any size) required.
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Build a Ball 1 Pack

Build a Ball x 1 (2059BB1P)

The Build-A-Ball is the quickest and easiest method to
connect standard garden canes or tubing to build fruit
cages, plant supports, cloches etc.
Multi-purpose 'Build-a-Ball'.
Supplied with six holes, one for 16mm dia. tubing/canes
and five for 12.7mm tubing/canes.
No tools. No Skill. No effort.
Use ordinary bamboo cane. Use any 1/2" tubing.
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Cane Joiners

Cane Joiners (7051)

Very heavy duty joiners suitable for canes, rods, dowell and our aluminium tubing (fits both our 16mm vertical and 12.7mm horizontal aluminium tubes). Pack of 4. (aluminium tubing also available).
Manufacturer Code : 3A021943
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Capillary Matting

Capillary Matting (26)

Green. Feeds a constant supply of water direct to the roots. Ideal for greenhouse use or house plants. Poly-liner ensures moisture is retained. Water plants while you are away. Ideal for holiday breaks.

Water Wick Kit consists of:-
0.6 x 2m capillary matting
0.64 x 2.04m poly liner
2 x water wicks

Bulk Roll also available
Price : £35.00
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Easy Poly Tunnel X 1

Easy Poly Tunnel (10031)

The Easy Poly Tunnel garden cloche is easy to use, easy to move and easy to store. The tough UV stabilised 150 micron polyethylene forms a complete barrier, retaining humidity and warmth while protecting against frosts, harsh weather and pests. Easy Poly Tunnels can also be used for warming soil prior to planting out.
Manufacturer Code : ETUN040101
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Galvanised Wire Netting

Galvanised Wire Netting (3042)

Hexagonal wire netting.
Suitable for fencing, pet & poultry enclosures, crop protection & also climbing plants.
Available in a large variety of sizes.
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Garden Pegs

Garden Pegs (3086)

A choice of garden ground pegs for jobs around the garden.
Available in packs.
Image shows full range of types available.
Select type required from options below.
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Greenhouse Shading, Windbreak, Screening

Greenhouse Shading, Windbreak, Screening (1977)

Windbreak, Screening, Plant Shading and Plant Protection Tighly woven polythene netting.
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Mulch Sheet 6m x 2m

Mulch Sheet 6m x 2m (1984/6)

6m x 2m (19'6" x 6'6") Mulch Sheet for Clearing Weeds and Improving Soil Structure
For clearing weeds and improving soil structure in garden beds and borders prior to cultivation.
Tough and lightweight.
UV stabilised for long life.
Heavy 240 gauge sheet.
Manufacturer Code : 74370
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Netting - Crop & Pond Protection

Netting - Crop & Pond Protection (23)

Non-reflective 12mm black square mesh. Rot-proof. Reinforced edges for secure fixing. Rotting leaves will alter the chemical balance of pond water which is harmful to fish and plant life. Use Gardman crop and protection netting to keep leaves out and herons at bay.
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Rope Form Netting - Black

Rope Form Netting - Black (3049)

Bulk roll of garden netting. Manufactured from tough UV stabilised polyethylene.
Manufacturer Code : 68305
Price : £74.63
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Weed Control Fabric - Classic

Weed Control Fabric - Classic (25)

Weed Stop Classic. For lighter duty tasks such as beds and borders. Chemical-free effective weed barrier. Helps to reduce garden maintenance - "fit and forget" protection from weeds. Allow water and nutrients through and lets soil breathe. 5 year guarantee.
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Weed Control Fabric - Ultimate

Weed Control Fabric - Ultimate (3054)

Weed Stop Ultimate - woven weed stop. For all your weed suppressing tasks including beds and borders, gravel, paving slabs, patios, decorative stones as well as decking, in greenhouses and landscaping. UV resistant - does not need to be covered. "Anti sinking" properties prevent patios and driveways sinking. Chemical-free effective weed barrier. Helps to reduce garden maintenance - "fit and forget" protection from weeds. Allow water and nutrients through and lets soil breathe. 15 year guarantee.
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