Bulbs in the green from Garden Supply Direct.

Bulbs in the green - Create Naturalising Drifts of Colour in Grass or under Trees & Shrubs using native bulb species. All of the bulbs listed are delivered 'in the green' (in spring when the plants are growing, in flower and after flowering). Our bulbs in the green are of the highest quality and generously packed.  We promise you will be happy with your order. All of our bulbs/plants are of native origin, flowering size and are grown from cultivated stock.

Why Buy Bulbs 'In the Green'?

Most bulbs are moved as dry bulbs, when they are in a resting state, rootless and leafless. A more successful approach is to move these bulbs ‘in-the-green’.

Please note despatch of bulbs in the green is from January/February up until the end of May, depending on the individual species natural growing time.