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Build a Ball 1 Pack

Build a Ball x 1 (2059BB1P)

The Build-A-Ball is the quickest and easiest method to
connect standard garden canes or tubing to build fruit
cages, plant supports, cloches etc.
Multi-purpose 'Build-a-Ball'.
Supplied with six holes, one for 16mm dia. tubing/canes
and five for 12.7mm tubing/canes.
No tools. No Skill. No effort.
Use ordinary bamboo cane. Use any 1/2" tubing.
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Classic Anvil Secateurs

Classic Anvil Secateurs (3270)

Make light work of garden pruning. For woody or green stems. Plastic TPR coated comfort grip handles. Coated blades for long life. Easy lock thumb lock.
Manufacturer Code : 90051
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Empathy Grow Your Own Seaweed Fertiliser

Empathy Grow Your Own Seaweed Fertiliser (11010)

Empathy GROW OUR OWN - 1 Litre Bottle A seaweed derived fertiliser with balanced nutrients, tuned to support native mycorrhizal fungi this product is ideal for hungry fruit and vegetable crops. Empathy products are a range of treatments specifically focussed on creating healthy plants and soils through the addition and enhancement of the native microbial, bacterial, micro nutrients and bio stimulants. Seaweed is a plant stimulant and by using the Empathy seaweed range you can invigorate and stimulate not only your plants but the beneficial bacteria and microbes in the soil. The products contains very high levels of auxins and cytokins that are naturally plant growth promoters. Super Seaweed is derived from sustainably harvested kelp, which is further enhanced by using a unique cell burst process. This patented process ensures maximum retention of the growth stimulants, nutrients, vitamins and amino acids.
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Gardman Moulton Mill Wooden Hand Trowel

Gardman Moulton Mill Wooden Hand Trowel (93000)

A range of beautifully crafted, traditionally styled wooden garden tools with high quality stainless steel heads for style and strength. The classic stainless steel heads provide strength and reduced soil adhesion while distinctive ash wood shafts offer timeless good looks and durability. For planting and potting out. This hand trowel / potting scoop may also be used for smaller jobs such as bulb planting. 10 year guarantee.
Manufacturer Code : 95060D
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Home & Garden String

Home & Garden String (3132)

General purpose strong string; for marking out, packaging etc.
Colour; white.
Available in a choice of two types & pack sizes.
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Prikka Strips - Fence Spikes Cat Deterrent

Prikka Strips - Fence Spikes Cat Deterrent (2669)

This effective, low-cost deterrent against unwelcome intruders fits to tops of fences, gates, pipes, walls, sills etc. Designed to deliver maximum discomfort, but minimum harm this unique double-hinge design allows easy fixing to angled surfaces.
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Twisty Tie (7m)

Twisty Tie (7m) (3256)

The ultimate in flexible plant ties. A tough wire core with a soft rubber outer coating. Can be used as a plant tie, plant support or to attach canes together. Length = 7m.
Manufacturer Code : 12103
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