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Greenhouse Shading, Windbreak, Screening

Greenhouse Shading, Windbreak, Screening (1977)

Windbreak, Screening, Plant Shading and Plant Protection Tighly woven polythene netting.
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Greenhouse Z Clips (25) also known as lap clips

Greenhouse Z Clips (25) also known as lap clips (2667)

Support clips for greenhouse glass or polycarbonate overlaps between panels. Rust proof galvanised finish.
Manufacturer Code : 15132
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Grow Tunnel & Polythene Cover

Grow Tunnel & Polythene Cover (3260)

Tough wire frame construction tunnel, for plant protection. Easy access through sides or ends. Polythene cover for climate improvement and speedy growth. L 300cm x W 45cm.
Manufacturer Code : 08775
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