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Adjustable Plant Ties (50) 18cm

Adjustable Plant Ties (50) 18cm (2017)

Manufacturer Code : 11502
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Aluminium Tubing

Aluminium Tubing, ideal for fruit cages (3181)

Build your own Fruit Cage / Plant Support Structure Fruit Cage - Aluminium Tubing designed to be used in conjunction with our Build-A-Balls or Tenax Cane Joiners and used with any type of netting - a very simple, cost effective solution for your crop protection. Plant Support - can create cloches, wigwams, tent, triangular, frost protection, frames for peas, beans, sweet peas etc etc Aluminium finish - image for info only. Minimum Order of 6 poles (of any size) required.
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Build a Ball 1 Pack

Build a Ball x 1 (2059BB1P)

The Build-A-Ball is the quickest and easiest method to
connect standard garden canes or tubing to build fruit
cages, plant supports, cloches etc.
Multi-purpose 'Build-a-Ball'.
Supplied with six holes, one for 16mm dia. tubing/canes
and five for 12.7mm tubing/canes.
No tools. No Skill. No effort.
Use ordinary bamboo cane. Use any 1/2" tubing.
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Cane Joiners

Cane Joiners (7051)

Very heavy duty joiners suitable for canes, rods, dowell and our aluminium tubing (fits both our 16mm vertical and 12.7mm horizontal aluminium tubes). Pack of 4. (aluminium tubing also available).
Manufacturer Code : 3A021943
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Gardeners Raffia Hank

Gardeners Raffia Hank 50g (3130)

Traditional & natural gardeners reed tie.
Bio degradable. Ideal for grafting.
Pack size 50g.
Manufacturer Code : 13520
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Hammer in Vine Eyes

Hammer in Vine Eyes (3123)

Hardened & galvanised fixings for line connection. Suitable for wall & post fixing. Ideal for plant training, washing lines etc. Available in a pack of 6.
Manufacturer Code : 15220
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Jute Twine

Jute Twine (3129)

Strong & bio degradable. For all tying jobs in the garden. Available in a variety of sizes & colours.
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PVC Coated Plant Rings (50)

PVC Coated Plant Rings (50) (2018)

PVC coated for long life. For securing plants to supports. Durable. Easy to Use. Plants and Shrubs. Securing stems.
Manufacturer Code : 11525
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Rose, Shrub & Tree Ties

Rose, Shrub & Tree Ties (3133)

Strong & durable gardening ties. Colour; Black. Available in a choice of five types & pack sizes.
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Rot Proof Twine

Rot Proof Twine (3131)

Strong, rot proof polypropylene twine. Available in a choice of two pack sizes.
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Sweetpea Training Kit (2)

Sweetpea Training Kit (2025)

Contains 1 wigwam cane grip and 14 small twist and clips. Forms a 'Wigwam' grow frame, grips up to 7 canes. Ideal for runner beans, sweet peas and other climbers.
Manufacturer Code : 3A021431
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Wigwam Cane Grips (6)

Wigwam Cane Grips (2033)

Pack of 2 wigwam cane grips. Forms a 'Wigwam' grow frame, grips up to 7 canes. Ideal for runner beans, sweet peas and other climbers.
Manufacturer Code : 3A021801
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